About Us


Promotional Gifts and Branded Clothing

Rozon Image is a premier supplier of corporate gifts and corporate clothing. Our product offerings are an effective marketing tool, helping develop your brand’s name and reputation amongst the relevant target market. Through Rozon Image, you can select your product, order it through our website, and we will deliver your products straight to your doorstep. Our mission is to provide our clients with the most streamlined and timely service, ensuring client satisfaction.

An Effective Marketing Tool

Rozon Image provides you with the opportunity to market your brand and your business in an intelligent, savvy, and cost-effective way. Marketing your business can be a difficult and time consuming task, but we have the solution. Promotional items such as branded pens, t-shirts, and clothing can help get your name to the masses. These promotional items, if utilised correctly, create brand loyalty, help to grow your reputation, and help in developing long lasting relationships with existing clients.

The Remarkable Marketing Benefits of Promotional Gifts and Branded Clothing:

homeBranded gifts such as pens and notebooks provide long lasting brand exposure. These tangible and useful products are not as easily dismissed as traditional advertising such as brochures or adverts. A branded hat is sure to gain more attention than a magazine advert – and more exposure.

These products are valuable because people need them, unlike paper brochures from the side of the road. Promotional gifts will not be thrown away, they will be utilised extensively.

  • Branded gifts are an innovative marketing strategy. They are creative and thoughtful, engaging more intimately with your clients and potential clients.
  • Rozon Image offers a vast range of products, no matter your budget. We have the product for you.

Mission and Vision

Our primary goal is to give you branded products of your choice at the most cost-effective prices. Offering a streamlined and reliable service, we strive for client satisfaction. Should you feel that we did not live up to a specified order, send an email to rozonimage@gmail.com, and we will ensure that we sort out the problem.