Corporate Gifts – Valentines Edition


For any kind of corporate product, whether it be a gift, clothing or hand-out, the sole point of it is exposure and familiarisation.

The long term effect in marketing is unbeatable and will set your business apart from the rest as an institution that thinks of its clients and provides interesting and thoughtful memorabilia that they can be remember them by.

Now, with regards to certain public holidays and festive periods, it is also very important to target your specific marketing gifts, etc. to a specific holiday or special time of the year, month.

Valentine’s day is one of the most recognisable unofficial ‘holidays’ in the world and every year marketing worth millions is spent on this very day.

Giving back
With corporate gifts you can produce and give anything, from stationary to calendars to cutlery.

When you bring in the Valentine’s Day angle, you can give it a whole new look and feel. Think of creating a countdown to Valentine’s day calendar or a heart shaped eraser.

The possibilities are endless, especially for an office environment where everything from stationary to food is a necessity.

What you need to do with your corporate gifts and branding is to remember to keep it classy. Yes, special occasions do call for silly or romantic influences, but you are still providing someone with your business’ image- so keep in mind that you have to remain cohesive to your overall image.